Forward Ladies Summit & Awards 2023

The audacious ones, the innovative transformational female leaders – the game changers – the unstoppable ones.  

Now in its 13th year, the Forward Ladies Leadership Summit and Awards honours the impact of female leadership, innovation and entrepreneurism in business. 

We continue to use our platform to showcase the achievements of women breaking barriers across the public and private sectors, giving them the recognition and visibility, they need to inspire the next generation of leaders. These women are changing lives and transforming the UK’s businesses, communities, and industries.

As we celebrate another International Women’s Day, we are excited to launch The Forward Ladies Leadership Summit and Awards to identify and recognize the women breaking barriers.  Our theme for this year is Breaking Barriers. 

Last Year's Summit & Awards

Unstoppable Women

With last year’s theme being “Unstoppable Women”, we celebrated women who are showing exceptional leadership abilities in their teams, challenging and breaking glass ceilings and uplifting communities across the entire UK and globe. These women are changing the world with their craft, talents, creativity, eloquence, leadership and impacting generations all around the world.

The FL Leadership and Summit Awards brought together women from all fields, organizations, industries and backgrounds to discuss their journeys and careers and celebrate their exceptional leadership. We brought together carefully curated expert panels, as well as industry-leading women to talk about their experiences as neuro-divergent women in the workplace and how the next generation can prepare to be unstoppable.



Forward Ladies Leadership

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